Thinkmap puts content into context and is a good example of an emerging trend of making it easier for people to find and use knowledge. --Larry Prusak, Distinguished scholar in residence, Babson College
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Thinkmap SDK
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Make sense of your organization's information

The Thinkmap SDK enables organizations to incorporate data-driven visualization technology into their enterprise Web applications. Thinkmap applications allow users to make sense of complex information in ways that traditional interfaces are incapable of.

The Thinkmap SDK (v. 2.8) includes a set of out-of-the-box configurations for solving common visualization problems, as well as new visualization techniques for customizing data displays.

We have designed Thinkmap to be lightweight, fast, easily extensible, and able to connect seamlessly to a wide variety of data sources. Thinkmap is composed of two primary components:

  • an extremely lightweight and fast browser-based Visualization Component that renders the visualizations and allows for interactive exploration
  • a Data Source API that enables connection to many different types of data sources
SDK Components

The SDK includes conceptual documentation and detailed JavaScript reference for the Visualization Component; datasource adapters for relational databases and flat files; a library of traditional user interface elements that can be used as components in a Thinkmap application; and a complete set of examples to help developers get up-and-running quickly.

Thinkmap Features
  • Well designed API enables rapid development
  • Tutorials, Documentation and Examples opens the power and flexibility of Thinkmap to your team
  • Fast, lightweight, visualization component loads instantly and pulls data dynamically
  • Robust, scalable server component that connects to virtually any data source
Flexibility is the key to enabling discovery

Thinkmap's flexible architecture allows developers to configure applications to address a wide range of retrieval and discovery issues. Each element of a Thinkmap display — from the length and thickness of a line to the color, size, shape, and movement of a node — is configurable using the SDK, so that interfaces can be designed to perform specific tasks. The elements can also be mapped to numeric values in the data, so that combinations of qualitative and quantitative information can be expressed through a single interface.

Documentation and Examples

Tutorials, a complete set of examples, and a library of interface elements are available to assist developers. Full Documentation provides technical and design assistance for implementing custom visualizations.

Obtaining the SDK

Thinkmap SDK is sold in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Flex. Prices start at $5,000, with educational discounts available.

If you want to use Thinkmap in your project, or for more information about the professional services we offer, please contact our sales department at, call 212-285-8600, or see our licensing information.

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