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Thinkmap launches new example site that showcases Thinkmap 5's HTML5 front end
The new site shows a number of examples built with Thinkmap 5 that work with different types of data sets with different combinations of visualizations.

Thinkmap licensed as an internal customer relationship management visualization by a top 100 global retailer
Thinkmap provides the retailer with insights in customer and vendor relationships, as well as an understanding of key influencers within the customer base.

TIME Recognizes as a "Leader" in Word Learning
TIME senior editor Jeffrey Kluger has reviewed the site in depth, finding that, of online resources to help you learn new words, is "a leader in the sector."

New York Times: Signals "Real Progress" in Online Learning
The New York Times praised as a sign that "real progress is finally being made in computer-assisted education."

Microsoft's visualization of its Unified Communications Web API goes live
The Thinkmap 5 visualization of the Unified Communications Web API gives Lync Developers the insight to jumpstart their development of Lync applications. Because the map of the API is easily navigable and understood, developers new to Lync can quickly build full featured applications.

U.S. News Names a "Website for High School Teachers to Try"
U.S. News names "One of 3 Websites for High School teachers to try in 2013."

2012-12-17 is One of PC Magazine's Top 100 Websites
PC Magazine has selected as one of the top 100 websites of 2012. In the magazine's annual look at "undiscovered and classic sites that deserve some real estate on your bookmarks tab," was singled out as one of three "undiscovered" informational sites. "Take the quizzes at this site and you'll be spouting new idioms to all with dexterous proficiency," PC Magazine raves.

Visual Thesaurus Licensed Province-wide in Alberta, Canada
The Canadian province of Alberta has agreed to licence the Visual Thesaurus throughout its entire school system, providing access to the VT for more than 600,000 students.

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