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Thinkmap provides dynamic, data-driven, visualization technology. Need to visualize complex data?
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Thinkmap 5 Officially Released

Announcing Thinkmap 5, dynamic data-driven visualization, now in HTML5. Faster, easier to implement, with new, and more powerful, visualizations. See it in action.

Thinkmap launches new example site that showcases Thinkmap 5's HTML5 front end

The new site shows a number of examples built with Thinkmap 5 that work with different types of data sets with different combinations of visualizations.

Thinkmap licensed as an internal customer relationship management visualization by a top 100 global retailer

Thinkmap provides the retailer with insights in customer and vendor relationships, as well as an understanding of key influencers within the customer base.

TIME Recognizes as a "Leader" in Word Learning

TIME senior editor Jeffrey Kluger has reviewed the site in depth, finding that, of online resources to help you learn new words, is "a leader in the sector."
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Thinkmap is composed of a number of loosely coupled components that can be quickly reconfigured to fulfill many different visualization tasks.


The Thinkmap SDK is available for customers who want to develop Thinkmap applications using their own data. We license the rights to deploy Thinkmap applications on a per server basis, and through OEM agreements.

Thinkmap Visualization Software Available On GSA Schedule

Thinkmap is available on a GSA schedule which makes it easier for government agencies and integrators to obtain and use Thinkmap to create visual maps of their complex information in the areas of intelligence, CRM, supply chain management, and logistics.