Building a Dream Team
Plumb Design
March 15, 2000
Plumb designers burn the midnight oil, with an excellent view of the city skyline from their New York offices. Anyone interested in working for Plumb Design should take a gander at the company's manifesto. It's a serious document with serious intentions: "Today's Web design firms are largely preoccupied with style, fashion, and image rather than substantial social and functional issues.... Our approach is not about design in any traditional sense...members of our team will each bring a singular sensibility from a variety of disciplines, including architecture, design, painting, marketing, and business."
Agreeing with, or rather, believing in the Plumb Design manifesto is crucial not only to being hired, but also to enjoying the work, according to senior site developer Alan Newberger. "Plumb has little to no office politics; the environment is very relaxed relative to other Silicon Alley firms," he said.
The biggest perk one designer described was the opportunity to work with and develop Plumb Design's proprietary technology. The famed and unusual Thinkmap tool, used in the development of the official Bacardi Web site, was also used in Plumb Design's own Visual Thesaurus.
Plumb Design encourages its Web builders to explore projects and concepts outside the realm of its clients' needs. Those free-ranging ideas often find their way into billable work, but the emphasis is on the creative process, not the bottom line. The now tired adage "think outside of the box" doesn't sound quite so much like worn market-speak when it comes from Web builders at Plumb Design. Proving that idealism and art are actually viable business practices, Plumb Design is building outside of the box.
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