High Five Review
May 4, 1998
We hope you enjoy the new interactive review format for the High Five. We will continue to give the award weekly, but rather than giving our opinions, we are giving you, the readers, the chance to chime in with your opinion about the chosen site. The award criteria are still as high as ever -- you have to work hard to get here -- but now winning the High Five means you'll get feedback from your peers. The idea is to discuss the design merits of the site and offer the site's designers helpful feedback and suggestions for where to go from here. We expect to update this page every weekday with new comments, so please come back to see what others have said.
This week's winner is Plumb Design's Thesaurus, Compare this clever and innovative tool to Roget's Internet Thesaurus, Is one more effective than the other? Does one work better as a thesaurus? Below is a statement from the designer and some questions to think about when giving feedback. compare to ...
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