Harris Corporation chooses Thinkmap for Weather Satellite Visualization
Thinkmap used as visualization tool for monitoring communication latency
The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - R Series (GOES-R) program, developed jointly by NASA and NOAA, will be an important tool to support detection and observation of weather, thereby leading to better and more accurate forecasts. As part of its mission, the GOES-R program intends to bring near real-time information to meteorologists, and as such, it is important that the system's developers have a way to both monitor and communicate any latency associated with data communication.
The Thinkmap application used by GOES-R displays both dependencies and latency between the different nodes that are present in the GOES-R system. At a glance, a technician can determine where communication bottlenecks appear, and quickly make a decision as to the best course of action for improving the system.
Harris chose Thinkmap after an extensive evaluation, in which Thinkmap was shown to help its customer to improve performance, and speed communication.
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