The Frontier of On-the-Web Designs
Plumb Design is an Internet design and development company based in New York City. Founded in 1997, Plumb Design builds Internet applications for organizations that use the Internet as a vehicle for exchanging information and ideas; these include Audible Words, The National Geographic Society, The New York Academy of Medicine, and The Smithsonian Institution. More information about Plumb Design can be found on the Internet at
Online Applications: The Plumb Design Philosophy
An effective digital design is not an encyclopedia; it is a choreography of sight, sound, and thought.
Is is alive and encourages exploration; it responds differently to different viewers. If a visitor does not interact with the material, the application acts autonomously to bring an array of images and sounds to the viewer's attention. If the visitor explores, the application responds accordingly.
It is dynamic. The very act of viewing the application changes what is on display. Each time a person visits, he or she has a different experience.
It is communal. In the same way that a physical space is a public experience, an effective online application builds community. Visitors know that others are there and can choose to interact. These communications become part of the application as it develops a life of its own.
It is seamless. And effective online application is not a series of distinct pages, but rather a seamless environment that encourages exploration at a number of levels: visually, aurally, intellectually, and emotionally.
It is functional. Effective digital design, by its very nature, serves a purpose. Plumb Design creates online experiences that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the interplay of ideas.
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