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TAG Learning launches Visual Thesaurus in the UK and gets students excited about words!
Wednesday, January 14, 2004 — TAG Learning is pleased to announce the UK launch of Visual Thesaurus. TAG Learning has recently signed a lead distribution agreement for the UK education market with Plumb Design, the publishers of this unique new product which provides users with a visual representation of the English language.
Users simply enter a word, and an animated 3D (or 2D) diagram of all similar meaning words is created which can be explored dynamically. Visual Thesaurus also displays the definitions of the main word as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb. Any word displayed as part of the animated diagram can be clicked on and explored dynamically, enabling the user to explore the English language in a unique and original way.
More than a reference tool, the Visual Thesaurus is being used by educators as a means of improving reading and writing skills, and to get students excited about words. The product comes complete with student workbooks and a teacher's guide.
Pilar Cloud, managing director, TAG Learning said: "We actively pursued Plumb Design as soon as we saw a demo version of their product to be their partner in the UK, as we think this is a perfect compliment to our existing range of creative ICT tools, particularly titles such as Inspiration and Kidspiration that allow children to explore ideas and concepts visually. We believe that Visual Thesaurus is the most innovative product that we have seen in quite a while. Not only is it incredibly simple to use, but more importantly, it offers an exciting new way for students and teachers to explore the meaning of words and the English Language, certainly that would not be possible with a paper-based thesaurus."
Michael Freedman, ceo, Plumb Design who publish Visual Thesaurus said: "We are delighted to be working with TAG Learning to launch Visual Thesaurus to the UK schools' market. We were impressed by TAG Learning's enthusiasm for the product, and more importantly, by their market knowledge, and the range of products that they represent."
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About Visual Thesaurus:
  1. Easy to use visual interface, which offers rapid access to the features and results which in turn motivates students.
  2. Dynamic search functionality enabling students to explore words in a more beneficial and in-depth way than via a traditional book based dictionary.
  3. Word webs can be displayed in either two or three-dimensional representation. Differentiated access to the technology is tailored according to the users ability and needs.
  4. Includes a comprehensive word list containing semantic relationships and definitions. The Visual Thesaurus shows more than just similar words. It shows antonyms, "type of" relationships, "pertains to" relationships, and more.
  5. Copy and paste words to/from other applications and print out high-resolution copies of the definition diagrams. This allows easy and seamless integration with existing software programs used within the classroom, and enables students to share their findings easily with others.
About TAG Learning:
TAG Learning was founded over 14 years ago by educators and has grown to become a leading publisher and supplier of educational software, peripherals, training and support materials into schools in the UK. TAG Learning's focus is on providing the most appropriate solutions for children, teachers and parents, and as a result, has established itself as the unique bridge between traditional learning cultures and new technologies. In 2000, TAG Learning launched an online teacher portal, TagTeacherNet, which has become the indispensable source for teaching resources today. Our aim is to help you use new technology tools most effectively in teaching and learning. We want you to be, with us, at the leading edge of learning. For more information about TagTeacherNet, see and for more information about TAG Learning, please visit
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