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The Thinkmap Web design tool: Outstanding
by Mark Gibbs
January 19, 2000
There's a lot of good design out on the Web today so anything that prompts me to write a rave review must be pretty special. Well, that's exactly how I would describe Sony's Soundtrack for a Century.
This Web site is a compilation of music milestones (from Sony's viewpoint) of the last half of the 20th century. It is being released on 26 CDs. Ignoring the CDs (which are interesting, albeit, not really representative of the period - how can you ignore The Eagles' contribution unless they are an act that hasn't been signed by your label? - No matter, we're after bigger game).
What really makes the Web site stand out is the music timeline created by Plumb Design using the firm's Thinkmap tool ( The timeline on the site's home page not only demonstrates the power of Java as an information delivery vehicle, but also illustrates the power of interactive Web content as a design element.
I think this is one of the most impressive presentation tools I've seen for some time and is worth considering when you need to display complex data with rich interrelations. In particular, check out Plumb's project "Smithsonian Without Walls" and the "Visual Thesaurus".
Thinkmap. Visualize Complex Information.