January 20, 2004
Thesaurus Allows Literal Look At Word Relationships
Site Diagrams Words On Cluster Map
by Kim Ngan Nguyen, Staff Writer
Have you ever found yourself looking for a word to replace a word, but somehow the thesaurus just doesn't seem to cut it?
There's a Web site that may help. It helps you visually think about the relationships between words and is neat to use, especially for people who are right-brained thinkers, or people who like to look at things spatially.
The free site,, lets you look at your word in a cluster map of other words. It diagrams that word's relationship to other similar words, opposite words and the origins of the word.
The words are color coded according to different parts of speech and different types of lines show how different words relate to the main word. Scroll over the word and you can see the definition of that word. Click on it and it takes you on a hypnotic cycle of other words and synonyms.
The site is artistic and very cutting edge and great for building the vocabulary for students who are learning English as their second language...
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