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by Allen Houston
April 2001
The Experience Music Project opened last year, promising a unique insight into the history of popular music. Now its web site offers music lovers a cornucopia of delectables that will overload their musical taste buds. And then some.
It's like a gluttonous feast, where you continue to eat even though you are full, because it all tastes so good. You can examine hundreds of musical artifacts, such as instruments, sound recordings, costumes, photographs, posters and lyrics. You can find anything from early Beatles photos to a "Riot Grrrl" retrospective. You can trace the history of rap and hip-hop or find out how Jimi Hendrix incorporated the blues into his rock 'n' roll.
No musical genre is left out. The site has links to EMP radio and the EMP store, while you can also reserve a table at the restaurant, read interviews with famous songwriters or take guitar lessons from the online teacher.
EMP crosses the boundaries between music and the people who created it. It blows away the Hall of Fame and delivers its promise of "reinventing the way people listen to music."
Client: Experience Music Project
Developer: Plumb Design
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